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Stanley Walter Vipond

7944320, Trooper Stanley Walter Vipond, Age 40
10th Royal Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps
Died 05 November 1942

Trooper 7944320, 10th Royal Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps. Died 05/11/1942. Age 40.


Born 16th March 1902 in Walton, fourth of six children of Walter Vipond and Mary Jane nee Evans. His mother died in 1913 when he was eleven years old. In 1935 his father also died while living at 31 Queen Street, Walton. Later that year Stanley married Doris Gladys Twitchett  and their daughter Mavis was born in 1937. 


Trooper Vipond is reported as killed in action western desert. He is buried at El Alamein War Cemetery.

El Alamein.jpg

El Alamein War Cemetery


10th Royal Hussars

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