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Photo by:  Alan Boyle

Felixstowe Remembers was formed in 2018, we started as the name for the torch roll call event held at the war memorial on the evening of Sunday, November 11th.  Details of this event can be found on our Events Page.  Since then the name has evolved to encompass many Remembrance events organised in Felixstowe.

This page is dedicated to remembering events that have happened in Felixstowe that led to the loss of life.  This includes military conflicts as well as natural disasters and disasters at sea.


Many hours of research have gone into discovering and confirming information about every name on the war memorial and others not named but known to have died during both wars.  This research was carried out by Darren Aitchison BEM and Leanne Bucknell.  Research into the men commemorated at St Peter and St Paul's Church was researched by Bev Boyce.

We are made up of a number of volunteers and are completely non-profit, we raise funds for our projects via corporate sponsorship.

Photo by:  Alan Boyle

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