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As part of their learning about the events of 1953, Felixstowe School asked students to write a poem about the floods and the affect it would have had on families and the community.

This poem was selected from over 200 to be read out at the Flood Memorial Service in 2023.  It was written by Hannah Smith of Year 8.

The Felixstowe Floods

Stalking through the streets, 

Slowly moving into houses, 

Was the sea.

At the dead of night, 

All were unaware
That there was chaos throughout the streets.

Seeping through the door,
An unwelcome guest had arrived. 

Taking up space, 

Destroying homes.
Was the sea.

Water rising up the stairs,

 Interrupting those sleeping peacefully. 

Carrying objects out into the streets, 

Back to the sea, claiming its treasures.

Knocking down walls, fences. 

Destroying the peaceful environment.

The darkness of the night clogging up the streets, 

Hiding the monstrosity beneath it.
All were unaware, all were asleep
No one could stop it. 

It was the sea.

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