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Remembrance Street Signs

In 2019 we created street signs for every road in Felixstowe, Walton, and The Trimleys where a person lived prior to being killed during either World War One or Two.  The idea came from a project from 2018 in Portsmouth where they made signs for those from the First World War. 


In Felixstowe, there are 66 roads in total each with at least 2 signs.  The signs include the full name of the person, their age, the date they died, and their address.  There are 212 men, women, and children named on the signs.

These signs really bring it home that these men and women aren't just names on the memorial, they were members of the Felixstowe community who lived and worked in our town.  Most of the houses still exist today and it is a really poignant reminder of the sacrifice made by so many normal people.

Thank you to our sponsors whose donations made these signs possible - UK Customs Solutions Limited, Labelcraft, Wainwrights, C&H Forwarding, and Felixstowe Town Council. 

The signs are put up every year in October.

Whilst researching these signs we uncovered some really interesting stories - find out more HERE

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