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Stanley Henry Edward Bunkell

14942161, Private Stanley Henry Edward Bunkell, Age 20
General Service Corps
Died 11 May 1945

Private 14942161, General Service Corps. Died 11/05/1945. Age 20.


Born in Ipswich in 1925 the only son of Stanley Henry Bunkell and Jessie May Raymer. He had two surviving sisters, Grace born 1920 & Ruby born 1935. In 1939 the family were living at 85 Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe. In 1945 Stanley, who appears to have gone by the name of Eddie, married Joan Margaret Carte of Sevenoaks, Kent.


He is buried at Felixstowe New Cemetery. Private Bunkell’s death was recorded at Brentwood

Bunkell, Stanley photo.JPG

Stanley Henry Edward Bunkell

Bunkell, Stanley grave.jpg

General Service Corps

Grave at Felixstowe Cemetery

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