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Runnacles Brothers

5828778, Gunner Frederick Harry Runnacles, Age 27
67 (2/5th Battalion The East Surrey Regiment) Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery
Died 25 September 1944

Gunner 5828778, 67 (2/5th Battalion The East Surrey Regiment) Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery. Died 25/09/1944. Age 27.


Born in Canada in 1918, the youngest of three sons of William James Runnacles and Edith nee Mileman. William and Edith appear to have emigrated to Canada with their eldest son, William b. 1910, in 1912. They returned to England in 1919. In 1939 William & Edith were living at 89 Ranelagh Road, Felixstowe where William was a church caretaker. Frederick married Elizabeth Rosina Mary Pidgeon in 1941.


Buried at Coriano Ridge War Cemetery


Coriano Ridge War Cemetery

Royal Artillery WW2.JPG

Royal Artillery

125432, Flight Lieutenant John Seymour Runnacles, Age 31
97 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Died 11 November 1944

Flight Lieutenant 125432, 97 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 11/11/1944. Age 31.


Born 21st September in York, Ontario, Canada, middle son of William James Runnacles and Edith nee Mileman. In 1940 John married Dorothy Beatrice Newman of Sproughton.


97 Squadron reformed in February 1941 as a heavy-bomber squadron equipped with Avro Manchesters, converting to Lancasters in January 1942. In June 1942 the Squadron took part in the 1,000 bomber raids on Cologne, Essen and Bremen; joined Pathfinder Force in 1943 and led 8 Group on bombing missions across occupied Europe. 97 Squadron flew a total of 4,091 operational sorties and lost a total of 130 aircraft.


AVRO LancasterIII PB450 took off on the 10th November 1944 from RAF Coningsby on a night training sortie over France, to test LORAN. ( low frequency LOng RAnge Navigation, which determines latitude and longitude of an airplane using the time displacement between radio signals from two or more fixed transmitters). This was one of two planes lost without trace on this exercise. All eight crew killed. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. 


Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Runnymede Memorial


AVRO Lancaster III

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