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Robert Thompson

350627, Flight Sergeant Robert Thompson, Age 49
Royal Air Force
Died 25 October 1944

Flight Sergeant 350627, Royal Air Force. Died 25/10/1944. Age 49.


Born 25th July 1895 in Pemerells Cottage, Durham, the eldest of six children of Robert Thompson and  Elizabeth nee Waters. In 1925 Robert married Edith Graham, by 1939 they had two daughters, Eva b. 1929 & Shirley b. 1933 and were living at 22 Manor Terrace, Felixstowe. 


Captured on the 4th March 1942, Robert was one of 500 prisoners loaded on board the "Hellship" Maros Maru when the Japanese retreated but refused to leave the prisoners behind on 17th September 1944. En route to Java the ship had to stop for engine repairs at Makassar on 21st September. In horrendous conditions over the 40 days the ship was in port 159 prisoners died in the holds and were given seamen's graves in the harbour, Robert being one of them. Commemorated on the Singapore Memorial. 


Singapore Memorial

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Royal Air Force

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Far East Prisoner of War Report

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