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Peter Guy Vargas Jarvis

42841, Pilot Officer (Pilot) Peter Guy Jarvis, Age 19
Royal Air Force
Died 19 September 1940

Pilot Officer (Pilot) 42841, Royal Air Force. Died 19/09/1940. Age 19.


Son of Reginald Vargas Jarvis and Enea Vargas Jarvis of Ipswich.


Buried at Lossiemouth Burial Ground. Killed along with five others in the crash of Wellington N2883 of 20 Operational Training Unit on 19 September 1940. The aircraft flew into high ground at Glenmoriston, near Fort Augustus, Inverness whilst on a bombing and navigation exercise from RAF Lossiemouth. The deaths were registered in the District of Glenmoriston, Inverness on September 24th.

Connection to Felixstowe not yet identified.

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Grave at Lossiemouth Burial Ground

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Royal Air Force


Vickers Wellington B I

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