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Norman William Berry

5777181, Private Norman William Berry, Age 28
5th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment
Died 31 August 1944

Private 5777181, 5th Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment. Died 31/08/1944. Age 28.


Born on 20th August 1916, younger son of George William Berry and Annie May nee Chandler. He & his brother Alan were born in Felixstowe & at the time of the 1939 Register they were living at 143 High Road West, Felixstowe. Norman married Margaret Ethel Lilley in Runcorn in 1941.


On the 13th January 1942 the 5th Battalion disembarked at Singapore. For the next few days they unloaded the ship & started moving under orders. On the 21st of January patrols encountered the Japanese, two wounded & on missing. On the 26th January at 1000 hrs they were ordered to move toward Sangarrang, they were clearing road blocks and protecting a 250 vehicle transport. At 1745 hours Bde Commander ordered all transport to be destroyed. All men were to make their way to South of Rengate across country and Bridge was blown at 1830 hours. They spent the time until 12th February resting, re-organising & creating defensive works. The 13th February they came under fire & spent the next two days under attack. At 1600 hrs 15th February they were ordered to ceasefire. They arrived at Changi Prisoner of War camp on 17th February.  (see for full extract)


Norman was found on board a Japanese transport ship by the US Navy 5th August 1944. He was taken to their medical facility in Manila 24 August 1944 where he was found to be suffering from Dysentery, Malaria, Beri Beri, Pellagra & Malnutrition, he had apparently been sick on board for some time. He was given treatment for the conditions identified but did not respond and progressively became worse, he died as 0020 hrs 31st August 1944. Norman was originally buried at the American cemetery in Manila but was later exhumed & re-buried on 27th October 1947 at Sai Wan War Cemetery

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Royal Norfolk Regiment

Sai Wan War Cemetery

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Far East Prisoner of War Record

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