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Leonard Walter Seeley

100735, Gunner Leonard Walter Seeley, age 25
35th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
Died 24 April 1917

Gunner 100735, 35th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. Died 24/04/1917.


Born in Queen Street, Walton in 1892 one of 12 children of James William Seeley, a cabinet maker, & his wife Sarah Elizabeth nee Topple. Leonard married Elizabeth McCallum on 14/01/1916 and they are showing as resident at 46 Dick Street, New City Road, Glasgow, 


Leonard joined the Royal Garrison Artillery in August 1914, he was posted to various different units until being sent to join the British Expeditionary Force in France on 30/08/16.  Leonard was killed in action at the Second Battle of the Scarpe. He was originally buried at Ronville British Cemetery which was used from April to July 1917, the 179 burials were later moved to Beaurains Road Cemetery, Beaurains

Seeley, l w Grave.jpg

Grave at Beaurains Road Cemetery

Royal Garrison Artillery.JPG

Royal Garrison Artillery

35th Heavy Battery.jpg

Battle of the Scarpe. 60-pounder guns of the 35th Heavy Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, in action west of Monchy-le-Preux, 11 April 1917

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