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Keith Thomas Alfred Harvey

39015, Squadron Leader (Pilot) Keith  Harvey, Age 23
Royal Air Force (Reserve of Air Force Officers, RAFO)
Died 31 December 1941

DFC Squadron Leader (Pilot) 39015, Royal Air Force (Reserve of Air Force Officers, RAFO). Died 30/12/1941. Age 23.


Born in Felixstowe in 1918, the son of Leslie King Harvey and Kate nee Catchpole, his father was an aircraft instrument specialist. They appear to have travelled quite extensively but had a house in Foxhall Road, Ipswich in 1940.  In 1939 Keith married Elsie (Elsa) Thornton in London & they moved to Scarborough, Yorkshire. Kate's family were still resident in the Felixstowe area.


Keith was commissioned Acting Pilot Officer on 24th August 1936. Squadron Leader Harvey was injured in a military transport accident at Earl's Croome 17th December 1941, he died at Worcester Royal Infirmary on the 30th December 1941. Buried at Earl’s Croome (St Nicholas) Churchyard. Squadron Leader Harvey’s death is recorded at Worcester

Harvey, Keith grave.jpg
Harvey, Keith DFC.JPG

Grave at Earl's Croome Churchyard

Distinguished Flying Cross

Royal Air Force.JPG

Royal Air Force

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