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Joseph Charles Robert Little

LT/X 21756A, Seaman Joseph Charles Little, Age 20
HM Trawler Loch Monteith, Royal Naval Reserve (Patrol Service)
Died 24 September 1940

Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve (Patrol Service), HM Trawler Loch Monteith. Died 24/09/1940. Age 20. 


Born 21st September 1920, the younger of two sons of Walter Christopher Little and Eveline Grace nee Hawkins. The family lived at 17 Beach Station Road, Felixstowe, both his father & brother were fishermenn.


Seaman Little’s death was recorded at Weymouth. HM Trawler Loch Monteith was requisitioned in 1939 and served as an anti-submarine patrol boat and submarine tender until it was returned to its owners in November 1945. Buried at the Portland Royal Naval Cemetery.


Portland Royal Naval Cemetery

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Royal Navy

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