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Hugh Percy Francis Guymer

624110, Leading Aircraftman Hugh Guymer, Age 33
98 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Died 17 June 1940

Leading Aircraftman 624110, 98 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Died 17/06/1940. Age 33.


Born in 1907 in Scarborough, the only son of Percy Juniper Guymer and Caroline Mary nee Francies. In 1939 Hugh married Kathleen Maud Broughton of Linby, Nottinghamshire.


Died when the SS Lancastria carrying troops after the evacuation of Dunkirk was hit & sank off St Nazaire. Buried at St Trojan-Les-Bains Communal Cemetery, Ile d’Oleron

Connection to Felixstowe still to be established


St Trojan-Les-Bains Communal Cemetery

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Royal Air Force


SS Lancastria sinking

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