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Harold Royston Jaggard

39634, Squadron Leader (Pilot) Harold Jaggard, Age 27
7 Squadron, Royal Air Force
Died 02 January 1944

Squadron Leader (Pilot) 39634, 7 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Died 02/01/1944. Age 27.


Twin sons born 3rd December 1917 in Bury St Edmunds to Francis Jaggard and Ann nee Jackson. The family owned the Waveney Hotel, Wolsey Gardens, Felixstowe, in 1939 Ann was resident there with both sons. Both Harold & his twin bother Francis joined the Royal Air Force but by 1939 Francis had been retired with 80% disability. Their father served as Lieutenant with the Suffolk Regiment in World War 1, he suffered a gun shot wound to his right arm fracturing his humerus while serving in France, he was a recipient of the Military Cross.


On the 2nd January 1944 Squadron Leader Harold Royston was pilot on Lancaster III JB682, they took off from Oakington at 0010 hrs. On the outbound flight they were shot down by a night fighter and crashed at Ramsel. All seven crew are buried at Reichswald Forest War Cemetery.


7 Squadron was the first Squadron to receive the four-engined heavy bomber- the Stirling, in 1940, but did not go operational until February 1941. In 1943, 7 Squadron was one of the initial squadrons which formed the Pathfinder Force, converting to Lancasters. 


Reichswald Forest War Cemetery

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Royal Air Force

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Flight Log


Lancaster Bomber

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