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George William Gildersleeves

K/54663/CH, Stoker George Gildersleeves, age 18
HMS Pembroke, Royal Navy
Died 31 October 1918

George was born in Walton on 13 August 1900.  He had 3 younger sisters and a younger brother, his father William was an electrical engine driver and his mother Ellen was a housewife.  The family lived at 15 King Street.


He joined the Royal Navy on 15th October 1918 and served as a Stoker at the training establishment in Chatham, HMS Pembroke, but died of pneumonia in RN Hospital Chatham just over 2 weeks later on 31st October 1918.  He is buried at St Marys Churchyard in Walton.

1 Royal Navy.JPG

Royal Navy


Grave at St Mary's Churchyard

HMS Pembroke

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