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George Ernest Percy Backhouse

Gunner George Backhouse, age 37
Royal Marine Artillery, HMS Lion, Royal Navy
Killed 31 May 1916

George Ernest Percy Backhouse was born 4 Feb 1879 in Lambeth, London to his father George and mother Rosetta, he had 3 sisters. His father died in London in 1883, when George was 4. His family then moved to Walton and he lived with his mother and 3 sisters in Lorne Villa, Falcon Street.  George enlisted in the Royal Marine Artillery in 1898. His mother sadly died in Walton in 1905.

George died aged 37 on 31 May 1916, he was a gunner on board HMS Lion at the Battle of Jutland, he is buried at sea. HMS Lion was the flagship of the Battlecruiser Fleet during this battle and was hit a number of times by German warships, 99 men died aboard HMS Lion that day. 

HMS Lion.jpg

HMS Lion

Royal Marine Artillery.JPG

Royal Marine Artillery

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

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