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Frederick George Pilbro

C/LX 23289, Steward Frederick George Pilbro, Age 36
HM Boom Defence Vessel Tunisian, Royal Navy
Died 09 July 1942

Steward C/LX 23289, Royal Navy, HM Boom Defence Vessel Tunisian. Died 09/07/1942, age 36


Born 9th June 1906 in Walton, the third of four children of Daniel Pilbro and Jessie nee Jennings. In 1929 Frederick married Phyllis M Crabb and they went on to have five children, Pamela b. 1930, Joan b. 1933, Phillip b. 1936, Marlene b. 1938 & Michael b. 1941. In 1939 the family were living at 45 King Street, Walton.

The requisitioned trawler HM Boom Defence Vessel Tunisian hit a mine on 9th July 1942 in the Harwich area.  Commemorated on Chatham Naval Memorial.

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Chatham Naval Memorial

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Royal Navy

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HMT Tunisian

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