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Ernest Grayling

166105, Chief Petty Officer Ernest Grayling, age 41
HMS Pembroke, Royal Navy
Died 21 April 1918

Ernest was born at Felixstowe Ferry on 23 September 1876.  His father Jeremiah was a Chief Boatman and his mother and 5 sisters lived in Bawdsey in 1901.  His father also served in the Royal Navy leaving in 1875.  His parents later moved to 200 High Road Walton before the war started.

Ernest attended the Royal Hospital School and joined the Navy in 1892.  He served on many ships during his 26 years service.  During the war he was a Chief Petty Officer on HMS Halcyon which was a torpedo gunboat based in Yarmouth and tasked with protecting against submarine attacks.  In 1918 he contracted pneumonia and died in RN Hospital Haslar in Gosport on 21st April 1918.  He is buried at St Marys Church in Walton.

Ernest's Cousin once removed is John Percy Grayling who was also killed in WW1 and is named on the Felixstowe War memorial.  Ernest's father Jeremiah was the brother of Thomas who was the grandfather of John.


HMS Halcyon

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Royal Navy

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