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Cyril Jack Adams

913608, Sergeant Cyril Jack Adams, Age 32
67 Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery
Died 28 January 1945

Sergeant 913608, 67 Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery. Died 28/01/1945. Age 32.

Born on 2nd January 1913, in Ipswich, the second son of Arthur George Adams and Elizabeth Agnes nee Allum. Cyril married Caroline Stevenson in 1936 and in 1939 they are living at 5 Dock Cottages, Felixstowe Dock, Cyril's parents are living at number 7. They had 2 children Cyril junior born in 1937 & Avril born 1940. 


Cyril had joined the Royal Artillery prior to the declaration of war.  The 67th Medium Regiment were sent to North Africa in October 1941 as part of the Crusader Convoys. They served under the 8th Army in the campaigns in the Western Desert from November 1941 to June 1942. Cyril was captured at Tobruk, Libya on the 20th June 1942 (POW number 227994) and moved to P.O.W. Camp number 53, Urbisaglia Macerata, Italy then later to Germany. He died of a cerebrovascular haemorrhage whilst being held as a prisoner of war at Stalag IVB Muhlberg on the 28th January 1945. He is buried at Becklingen War Cemetery

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Royal Artillery

Becklingen War Cemetery

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