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Charles Cecil Frederick Thurlow

42780, Private Charles Cecil Frederick Thurlow, age 20
11th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
Died 30 April 1918

Private 42780, 11th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Died 30/04/1918.


Born 24 September 1897 in Ipswich. Son of Jabez George Thurlow and Gertrude Nellie nee Clarke, the third of four children. In about 1902 his parents split up and the children lived with Lydia Thurlow, Jabez mother, at 63 King Street, Walton.  The two oldest sons stayed with their father an in 1908 Charles and his sister Lydia were shipped to Canada by Dr Barnardos.


He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915 aged 18 and was shipped back to England but was discharged in 1916, Classified C (Immature) and permanently unfit for service. Cecil managed to later join the Suffolk Regiment and returned to the front where he was injured & died from his wounds. Buried at Arneke British Cemetery. In his will he left his belongings to his sister in Canada.

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The Suffolk Regiment

Grave at Arneke British Cemetery

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