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Albert Victor Beail

228842, Able Seaman Albert Beail, age 29
HM Submarine E41, Royal Navy
Killed 15 August 1916

Albert was born on 15 August 1887, to mother Mary Emma Smith and father Alfred Beail and lived 282 High Street Walton.  Albert joined the Royal Navy in 1905.  He married Mary Smith in March 1916.


Albert died on his 29th birthday, 15 August 1916.  Albert is buried at Shotley (St Mary) Churchyard. 


Whilst carrying out anti-submarine exercises in the North Sea off Harwich, HMS E41 acting as a target, had begun a surface passage of 12 knots when HMS E4’s periscope appeared 50 yards off her starboard bow, on a collision course. E41 stopped her engines but not before E4 collided forward of the bridge. E41 began to take in water through the forward battery compartment and began to sink by the bow. In less than two minutes the conning tower was under the water. HMS Firdrake, who had been monitoring the exercise, took less than two minutes to reach the scene of the collision to pick up survivors. There were no survivors from the crew of 31 on E4. 16 died onboard E41 including Albert. Both submarines were eventually located, salvaged and returned to service. E41 was eventually scrapped in 1922

Albert Victor's Head Stone.jpg

Grave at Shotley Churchyard

1 Royal Navy.JPG

Royal Navy

E41 Submarine.jpg

HM Submarine E41

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