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Joseph Chamberlain Newson

LT/JX 217783, Seaman Joseph Newson, Age 33
HM Trawler Franc Tireur, Royal Naval Patrol Service
Died 25 September 1943

Seaman LT/JX 217783, Royal Naval Patrol Service, HM Trawler Franc Tireur. Died 25/09/1943. Age 33.


Born 10th September 1911 in Felixstowe one of nine children of Charles Henry Newson and Kate nee Knights. Charles was a Trinity Pilot & the family also ran the Post Office at Felixstowe Ferry. Kate died in 1932 &  in 1939 Joseph was working as a fisherman living at Fisherman's Hall, Felixstowe Ferry with his father and brother Charles. In 1940 Joseph married Eva Ellen Cousins and they had two children, David b. 1942 & Jennifer b. 1943. They were living at 78 St Andrews Road, Felixstowe when Joseph was killed leaving Eva with two infant children.


Built in 1916 the Franc Tireur had been hired by the Navy during WW1 & was again hired in May 1940 as an Armed Auxiliary Patrol Vessel & Minesweeper. In the early hours of Saturday 25th September 1943 several groups of enemy E-Boats were intercepted off the East Coast by patrols consisting of trawlers, light coastal forces, corvettes & destroyers. During a series of running fights as the enemy retreated at high speed several E-Boats were severely damaged. Unfortunately the HM Trawler Franc Tireur was sunk by E-Boat (S-96) off the port of Harwich, with the loss of all 15 on board. They are commemorated on the Lowestoft Naval Memorial.

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Lowestoft Naval Memorial

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Royal Navy


HMT Franc Tireur

Newspaper Report

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