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George Edward Moberly

90332, Flying Officer (Pilot) George Moberly, Age 25
616 Squadron, Royal Air Force (Auxiliary Air Force)
Died 26 August 1940

Flying Officer (Pilot), 616 Squadron, Royal Air Force (Auxiliary Air Force). Died 26/08/1940. Age 25.


Born 23rd December 1914 in Mumbai (Bombay), India, the third of four children and only son of Charles Noel Moberly and Kate (Katty) Charlotte nee Fottrell. In 1939 the family were living at The Priory, High Road East, Felixstowe where Charles was a retired Civil Engineer and Chief ARP Warden, Felixstowe.


From November 1939, 616 Squadron was a Spitfire fighter squadron. During the beginning of the Battle of Britain, 616 was based in Yorkshire, moving south in mid-August. On the 26th August 1940 George was killed in combat off the coast of Kent when his Spitfire was shot down by a Bf109. Flying Officer Moberly is listed as one of "The Few" who was killed during the Battle of Britain. Flying Officer Moberly’s death was recorded at Dover. He is buried at Caterham and Warlingham (Caterham) Burial Ground.


Great Grandson of Robert Charles Ransome (Ransome, Sims & Jefferies).

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George Moberly Lincolnshire Echo 30 Augu

Moberly Way, Kenley, Surrey

George Edward Moberly

Royal Air Force

Grave at Caterham and Warlingham Burial Ground

Pilot License

Supermarine Spitfire


F.O. Moberly with his plane

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